SKIPCHASER Early Access on 3/21

We are on track for a March 21st release of SKIPCHASER as an Early Access title. We’ve had a private beta for the past few months and that has been a HUGE help in getting some of the gameplay mechanics worked out and squishing those pesky bugs.


Today the closed beta will get the first of TWELVE early access updates—that will give us the weekend to play test and deliver any hot fixes needed before the live release on Tuesday.

What’s included in the Early Access release, you ask? Here it is by the numbers:

  • 5 complete missions from Act I

  • 30+ randomly generated levels

  • 8+ hand crafted maps including a boss battle

  • 5+ pages of story dialog

  • 2 weapon blueprints (Uzi, Rifle)

  • 40+ unlockable weapon upgrades

  • 4 enemy classes

  • 6+ NPC classes

  • 4 mission variations

  • 3 original songs by VXVX

Major updates from the last release:

  • Improved enemy AI
  • Respawn options screen

  • Terminal for dialog and help

  • Elemental damage states

  • Environmental interactions (switches, etc.)

  • Missions 4 + 5

  • Additional art assets

  • Grenade capping

  • Random chest drops

  • Camera smoothing 

  • Performance enhancements




I wanted to share our plan for SKIPCHASER while it's in early access. Those of you with closed beta keys and those who buy into the EA launch are seeing about 25% of the first of three acts. Our plan as of right now, is to continue to push content updates, progressing the storyline and finishing the planned features until our "official" release in early July.

Releases will be every other week for 12 release cycles, and we will look to the community to help us prioritize features, tweak the missions and story line and balance the gameplay. We will share our proposed roadmap following a build and allow players to weigh in.

Our hope is to release a well crafted twin-stick shooter with a story and engage the audience that wants to play something like that throughout the process.

If you are interested, follow SKIPCHASER on Steam for more frequent updates.

SKIPCHASER and Time Golf Squad showing at GDC

It's been a while since a proper update, but we're happy to announce that we've partnered with Intel Gaming to demo at the 2017 Game Developers Conference in their Intel "Juicy Games" booth. Complete with Juice Bar, we'll get juiced while we interact with attendees and hit the links with Time Golf Squad.

Also, we've been invited to Pocket Gamer's BIg Indie Pitch on Thursday where we will be showing an early mobile version of Time Golf Squad. This is our second time in a BIP and it's always a good time. Check it out if your in SF for the conference.

We will also be demoing SKIPCHASER at the GitHub/Ludum Dare party Tuesday night as well as carrying around a portable version powered by Steel Series Gaming.

SKIPCHASER hits early access this March, so we're extremely excited to open up this game to the masses. This first commercial desktop release (Windows & MacOS) and we've already been bown away by the community support during our Greenlight process and our closed beta.  

Free Code?

Recently we've been doing some house cleaning on our code base and have been updating some of our open source projects on GitHub. To celebrate that, we've added a new section to the website that acts as a portal to our most popular coding projects.

A screenshot from our Match Three framework

A screenshot from our Match Three framework

Over the next few months, we'll be releasing even more complete game frameworks. For updates follow us on twitter at @ponywolf.

PAX is in the books, on to Austin

Ponywolf attended PAX last week and did demos of Time Golf Squad and Skipchaser. It’s always great to put a controller in a gamer’s hand and just sit back and watch. We’ve really focused on the first impression—about 15 minutes of gameplay for each game.

This usually means “cutting the fat” and getting into the fun of the game faster than you would in a full gaming session, but it also helps us close the gaps on small features that are missing from the experience.

Now we’re off to the Austin Game Conference in (you guessed it) Austin. We are so grateful to Intel for selecting us to demo Time Golf Squad in their Developer Showcase on the Expo floor.