Expansion Island


About The ISLAND

We’ve built a daily challenge system into Knights of the Card Table as a full fledged (and free) expansion!

Challenge Island Expansion

  • Over 30 new levels!

  • Daily rewards!

  • New weapons, heroes!

  • A proper final end crawl!


Daily Challenges

Participate in one of over 30 new daily challenges to unlock hordes of random loot! Each day has it’s own unique rules and let you try on some wicked equipment load outs.

We’ve also improved stability and made many community suggestions come to life in the main campaign as well.

What the Press Have SAid

  • The Guardian: Best Games of 2019 So Far, " Very accessible way into the genre for newcomers"

  • Polygon: 5 Best New Mobile Games, "Hilarious writing and charming character designs"

  • Pocket Tactics: 4/5 stars, "One of the best card battlers to hit mobile devices in some time"

  • Gamesradar+: iOS Game of the Month, "Everything you want in a not-so-serious dungeon crawler"

  • Pocket Gamer: 4/5 stars (Silver), "Everything about KotCT is designed to keep you entertained"