It's Time Golf Squad Time!

It's the week of the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The GDC has some personal significance to me, because it's where I got my start in the industry way back in 1998. My start-up at the time was called NO2 Games (pronounced In-Oh-Two) and we entered the Independent Games Festival with a futuristic minigolf game called Miniverse.

NO2 Games Miniverse Minigolf circa 1999

NO2 Games Miniverse Minigolf circa 1999

Well we are back at it this year, heading to the San Fransisco with my new studio Ponywolf and with a unique adventure golf game called Time Golf Squad. Click the logo below to watch our launch trailer.

Think of TGS as a "putt and click" adventure game. Your team of four heroes, each with individual talents, trek though space and time to save the universe. The kind of story that suits our visual presentation--a combination of the kinds of video games and Saturday morning cartoons you would have seen in the 1980s.

We also developed animation techniques to let us bring pixel-like characters to life with more expressions and range that traditional pixel art animation. We've been sharing our progress on Twitter and debuted the animated style in our Indie Speed Run entry Wasteland Golf--the spiritual predecessor to Time Golf Squad.

Our plan is to launch on both PC and Mac this summer via Itch, GameJolt and possibly Steam. Sign up for updates below or follow @ponywolf on Twitter.