SKIPCHASER Early Access on 3/21

We are on track for a March 21st release of SKIPCHASER as an Early Access title. We’ve had a private beta for the past few months and that has been a HUGE help in getting some of the gameplay mechanics worked out and squishing those pesky bugs.


Today the closed beta will get the first of TWELVE early access updates—that will give us the weekend to play test and deliver any hot fixes needed before the live release on Tuesday.

What’s included in the Early Access release, you ask? Here it is by the numbers:

  • 5 complete missions from Act I

  • 30+ randomly generated levels

  • 8+ hand crafted maps including a boss battle

  • 5+ pages of story dialog

  • 2 weapon blueprints (Uzi, Rifle)

  • 40+ unlockable weapon upgrades

  • 4 enemy classes

  • 6+ NPC classes

  • 4 mission variations

  • 3 original songs by VXVX

Major updates from the last release:

  • Improved enemy AI
  • Respawn options screen

  • Terminal for dialog and help

  • Elemental damage states

  • Environmental interactions (switches, etc.)

  • Missions 4 + 5

  • Additional art assets

  • Grenade capping

  • Random chest drops

  • Camera smoothing 

  • Performance enhancements