Dungeon Dealer

Hark, ye olde master of the Dungeon Dealer. You must stack the deck in the favour of our mighty hero, for he knows not how to choose what to do next. Take care my old friend, for the more cards you get, the more dangerous the dungeon for our noble knight.


Tis a lost art indeed! Many a Dungeon Dealer are now under the employ of various dens of ill repute. Such as casinos, cruise ships and the occasional used car lot. Aye, but with a steady hand and a keen vision of the future, you just may be able to succeed where others have lost. Enter with care!

Created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare #40


  • Ludum Dare Top 100
  • Big Indie Pitch 2018

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Post Game Jam Work in Progress

After the game jam, Ponywolf & Mutated Software have made improvements for a pending post-jam release on mobile devices. Take a look at some work in progress screengrabs.