Flat Earths

Are you one of those ROUND-EARTHERS? Do you think the sun isn't hung from a bale of twine cast down from the star-heavens? Well then, don't bother trying this couch-multiplaying, trident-hurling, death-o-gasm of a game.


IT'S NOT FOR YOU. Go back to your schooools and your interwebs, sheeple.

Still here? Then you're in the club. We meet every Thursday under the wilted elm behind the ghost of the old Windsor Castle in Boise Idaho. Bring torches, sketpicism, and a preparedness for mind destroying truth. Also BYOB.

Coming Soon

image (5).png
image (4).png

As for features, I think we can safely promise:

  • 1-4 Players local death-match insanity with AI opponents to fill out the roster

  • Multiple movement, scoring, and collision modes which can be randomized to increase the insanity

  • Multiple rendering modes which can be stacked to further increase the insanity

  • Toggleable 'goodies' to increase player speed, flip the screen, and generally increase the insanity

  • Not so veiled references to the many earths being flat masquerading as a perfectly sane idea

Official Gameplay Trailer